art tech culture 1.11 : Destruction

After ten weeks of ten-minute shows, we decided to shorten our shows to a five-minute standard.

This week’s show is about destruction and the music is brought to you by Susumu Yokota with his song “Illusion River”.


art tech culture 1.10 : Creative Chaos

Melina Cassidy in is order in this chaos with Ted Mayer and Alex Reid.

The chaos epilepsy shots are from Timothy Leary’s How to Operate Your Brain, while we rehash topics from previous shows (Computing Chaos: Memory Device ; Ted’s studio chaos parties: Collaboration).

Ted, the show’s mascot of chaos, shares how he chooses his art for a show by using chaos or perhaps randomness? Other questions remain, such as, does chaos have a purpose? Is it as the Ancient Greeks thought being meant as the initial state of the universe, and, by extension, space, darkness, or an abyss?

The music this week is “East Hastings” from Montreal based Godspeed You Black Emperor!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.09 : Frustration

Melina Cassidy joins Alex and Ted this week to talk about frustration; how it affects artists and why it’s a good thing.

Music is from Dve Kytara, Czech for ‘Two Guitars’, with their apt song “Small Talk”.